10 ways to “science the s**t” out of marketing


One thing is for sure: there’s no shortage of data in today’s world of marketing. And where there’s data, there’s often analysis. But if we’re really honest with ourselves, we can probably point to many cases where analysis is done without much of a goal in mind, simply for the sake of doing something with all that data.

This is where a structured approach to data science within an organization can help. And, to paraphrase astronaut Mark Watney from “The Martian,” it’s time to use science to find better outcomes.

Data science can help make sense of all of the data, asking specific questions of it and deriving actionable answers. It can be tailored to what’s most important to your business, predicting behaviors and attributes, providing a backbone for personalized messaging, exposing the best audiences to interact with at specific points along a customer journey and more.

With some clear, defined goals for data science, the combination of statistics, computer science, mathematics and machine learning can provide real, tangible value. Here are 10 things data science can do for you that can keep you a few steps ahead of the competition.

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