Amobee Triggers activates campaigns based on a mix of online & offline signals

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Marketing technology firm Amobee, a subsidiary of Singtel, has launched Amobee Triggers to enable advertisers to activate campaigns in real-time based on combination of online situational signals, offline data and brand engagement insights.

In addition to taking elements like device and location into consideration, Amobee Triggers can incorporate data such as weather, financial events, sports and even real-time foot traffic monitoring. Event or “moment” based targeting is not new, but Amobee Triggers also offers advertisers the ability to combine those signals with data from its Brand Intelligence platform. Custom brand-specific Triggers that rely on Amobee Brand Intelligence data can include signals like changes in digital engagement around specific topics or events, changes in brand sentiment and changes in social content consumption.

“Custom Amobee Brand Intelligence Triggers are created by our data scientists using Amobee Brand Intelligence to capture the topics that impact our clients’ business and predict and align brands to those topics and times that will best drive engagement and performance,” said Assaf Henkin, senior vice president of Amobee Brand Intelligence Solutions at Amobee, in a statement.

Advertisers set up specific triggers for their campaigns to activate at the moments when the set of variables is met. Ads API integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter enable clients to activate campaigns  on social networks in addition to programmatic display, video and mobile campaigns.

The service has been used by companies such as Airbnb, Allstate and Kellogg’s.

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