Bing Ads Update: Share Budgets Across Multiple Campaigns by @MattGSouthern

Bing has made it easier to set daily budgets for advertising campaigns. Now, Bing Ads advertisers can automatically assign a single daily budget across all campaigns or a subgroup of campaigns.

Shared Budgets is available as of today in all Bing Ads applications. In the web UI, Shared Budgets is available as a Shared Library.

Sharing budgets across campaigns saves time that would otherwise be spent manually setting budgets, and it can also result in higher performing campaigns.

Let’s says you have two campaigns with a shared budget of $50 per day. That means each campaign can spend from the budget as needed. For example, if Campaign A is underperforming and only spends $20 from the daily budget, the remaining $30 will be allocated to Campaign B.

That scenario couldn’t happen if each campaign had an equal daily budget of $25 each. Shared Budgets allows advertisers to intelligently optimize their ad spend.

Bing notes that Shared Campaigns does not worth with Import and Google Sync. The company is currently working on a plan to fix this in the beginning of 2017.

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Author: Matt Southern

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