E-commerce grows 16 percent in Q2 according to US Commerce Dept.


The Department of Commerce announced today that e-commerce sales for the second quarter were $97.3 billion, out of $1.2 trillion in total US retail sales. That was a sequential increase of 4.5 percent from Q1 and a significant 15.8 percent pop vs. Q2 2015.

E-commerce came in at roughly 8 percent of total retail sales.

US Commerce Department

Total retail sales grew just over 2 percent year over year. Accordingly, e-commerce saw dramatically stronger growth (from a smaller base) than traditional retail.

While 92 percent of retail sales happen in stores, many major retailers are suffering. Macy’s, for example, just announced closure of 100 stores. By comparison, several leading online retailers, mostly notably Amazon, have recently turned in very strong results. The Seattle company recently announced $30.4 billion in Q2 revenue, up 31 percent year over year.

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