Facebook is killing people, posting erroneous “Memorialized Accounts” messages

Facebook may be telling you you’re dead today. It appears to be a bug that’s hitting many accounts, one that we’ve seen first hand.

Below is an example of what I saw when I went to Facebook just a few minutes ago:

facebook killing people

As the top, you can see that it says “Remembering Danny Sullivan” along with a message talking about how to turn the account into a “memorialized account.”

In other words, Facebook thinks I’m dead. And reports from Twitter are that it thinks many other people are dead. Here are just three of many examples:

Memorialize accounts are something that should happen on Facebook only after a family member or friend puts in a request that’s been approved.

The message seems to appear not just for the account holders but for people who go to their pages. That means people might mistakenly learn from Facebook that someone has died. That includes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

However, this does not appear to be passing such an alarming message through Facebook’s news feed stream.

We’re checking with Facebook for what’s happening, if anyone is still alive there, and will update as we learn more.

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