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Our free online SEO tools provide all of the data without any of the hassle that comes from the giant providers [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less.”]

Intro content: Everyone who is engaged in online commercial activities understands the importance of carefully tracking their site visit statistics. The problem for many virtual entrepreneurs is that they are either required to comprehend the data set themselves, which is akin to learning a strange new language written by engineers, or to entrust their information to some third party who will charge them for the privilege of interpreting it. Free online SEO tools can help cut down on the cost and confusion.

These are tools which are designed to cut to the chase rather than bog everything down in acres of technical jargon. What do you really want to know about your site? You want to know if it works and if it is doing better than your competitors. The process is a very simple one. You go to our On Page SEO Checker website and enter the web address of your site and a keyword or phrase you want to check results on. Type in the e-mail address you want the report sent to and that is all there is to it. If you’d like to test your results against those of a competitor, you can enter their address as well.

on page checking system There is no hard sell offer that is going to pop up on your screen. There are no misleading tricks where you input all your information and then the site offers to let you see it as soon as you sign up for a “free” 30 day trial period that will automatically renew at the end of each month for only a small pittance to be charged to your card. Here at, we know what free actually means. It means the same thing to us as it does to you. It means that our services are free. We are confident that you will see the value of our service as soon as you try it even once.

What our free SEO tools offer is convenience and clarity. It’s that simple. Online marketing is all about fine tuning the message to both appeal to your actual audience as well as satisfy the dispassionate algorithms which are used to establish which sites are most likely to provide germane content in response to a keyword query. The importance of constantly checking one’s site for responsiveness cannot be overstated. In particular, the constant tweaking of their basic algorithms means that most search engines are engaged in a constant process of reassessment.

This process means that what was once a highly-rated site with tight SEO parameters can become a severe ratings casualty overnight if it is not constantly checked. Likewise, even very small changes in wording or display can also affect the fortunes of any individual page, much less the entire web site. In many ways, it is this “sum of all things” approach that can greatly assist SEO rankings by carefully tuning each individual page and tracking its specific response as changes are made.

When it comes to Adwords for Google free SEO tools can really help drive up your score. This allows your site to generate more traffic at a lower cost per click while also pushing your site further up the ladder of selective advertising access.

The heart of this free SEO tool is found in its surprisingly exhaustive look at all aspects of your current web pages. It all starts with a short scan of your website, your chosen keyword association, and also a look at a competitor’s product as well—if you prefer. Once the scan has completed, the information it has accumulated is presented in very user-friendly and mostly graphic form that is extremely easy for anyone to grasp.

The first thing you will see is a graphic presentation that states the number of things which the website does well, the number of things which are targets of improvement, and a percentage-based page grade that is a reflection of the actual performance as opposed to the calculated totality which presumes that all of the issues displayed later in the report are addressed.

With this initial Page Grade to work with, the user can start going through the list of recommendations one at a time. As each one is tackled, the score can be rechecked to see how much of an improvement has taken place. In this regard, this free SEO test is more like a well-coached walkthrough that shows you what is wrong with your current web construction and how to go about making it work much better than before.

As it should, the test starts at the top with an examination of the basic URL. While it may not seem that a web address can be a handicap, there are times when the owner’s preferences clash with those of the various search engine algorithms. This can lead to a poor showing just on the basis of having a search engine-unfriendly web address.

Next, you will learn about the importance of proper title tag construction. In today’s world where most of the online business is taking place over mobile devices, search engines have elected to give preference to websites that offer an early burst of information that allows the viewer to decide if the page meets specifications or not.

In an increasingly visual world where information is laid out in fast, easily graspable graphic form, images are very important to a web page. Analyzing how these images are presented can provide a welcome guide as to where to begin beefing up your content. Particularly when such analysis is paired up with the way in which a competitor chooses to approach the same topic, it becomes possible to see ways in which those rivals can be topped.<br abp=”222″>Next comes a quick look at the Top 5 words used on the page. Right away, it can be seen whether or not one is too fond of some particular term. Up to a point, this is not a problem, but when used to excess, it creates the impression of keyword stuffing among the search engines and leads to a seriously debilitated score.

This morphs into a frank examination of the various headers, which have become de rigeur in current SEO practice. No headers mean that a website is not going to rate well. In addition, these headers need to feed back into the targeted keywords so that a unified front is presented to the web crawlers that will examine your site.

After this perusal of the web page’s basic framework, the SEO tools free up even more of your site’s inherent potential by delving into the actual content on the page. For most web pages, something akin to a Goldilocks rule is in order. The page needs to have just enough content on it—not too much and not too little, but just enough to satisfy the present algos. It also needs a similar sprinkling of keywords in the mix so that there is enough to attract the interest of the search giants but not enough to annoy them into thinking that you are playing a game.

In addition, keywords are not a standalone concept. They rate better if they are properly linked into other aspects of the site, such as tying them into the anchor text and ensuring that they are properly placed at the start of the text. At times, these rules may seem arbitrary and, frankly, a little robotic to those who are more interested in creativity than ritual, but it is important to keep in mind that brilliant content will shine no matter what the structures are around it.

free seo tools onlineLikewise, it needs to be recognized that these strictures are built around decades of data gathering that reveals how the public wants things to work for them. Research has shown that this is the most effective way to grab their interest, and it only makes sense to capitalize upon that priceless mountain of data that has been so painstakingly parsed into a credible framework for success.

Text is not the only part of the analysis that takes place here. The underlying coding is also examined for pitfalls with these free search engine optimization tools. As is the case with the actual content, the code can also suffer from having either too much or too little of it in relation to the text it supports. As always, easily understandable guidelines for improvement are laid out for your consideration.

Content is not the only criteria that makes a good website any more. Cross platform capability has become increasingly critical to anyone in the virtual commerce game. With the home and office PC market comprising an ever-shrinking share of the total online community, it behooves the savvy website owner to optimize their pages for use by the full gamut of web users. This means that a site needs to connect with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any other new form of web experience that comes along. In particular, these free Google SEO tools do a particularly fine job of bringing your web page into congruity with the new parameters.

For search engine optimization tools free does not necessarily mean less-effective than the eye-spinning complexity that is offered by more formal tools. Most people prefer to simply find what is wrong and then fix it in the shortest possible time rather than pore over reams of techno-speak presentations that do not make any attempt at actually prescribing a cure rather than simply diagnosing the problem.

As the analysis digs deeper into the mobile aspects of the situation, our free SEO tools online show you the importance of building your page to appeal to mobile users by simply speaking their language. Mobile SEO entails the use of mobile-friendly methods such as data compression to produce faster load times. It also requires the application of mobile-specific alterations such as viewport metatags and mobile-focused sitemaps.

Everyone is aware of the value of links in both promoting user interest and ratcheting up search ratings through shared popularity. Your free SEO test includes a page link analysis as well as a look at root domain links. This is followed by a more explicit look at the actual domain analytics that explores a lot of normally simple things that people often forget to include in their haste to get a site up and running as quickly as possible. The relationship between the domain name and the preferred keywords is one that is very often overlooked simply because people choose a domain name that they personally prefer without giving any thought as to what keywords would work well with that name. Search engine optimization tools free up some of the clutter that surrounds these decisions and lays them out in plain yes-or-no terms. Do you have this feature on your site? Do you want to add these features to your site?

As these top free SEO tools wind down their in-depth look into your site, generates a list of suggested tasks that serve as a blueprint for what needs to be done to amp up the performance of the page being scrutinized. An easy to follow To-Do list is created that lays out the tasks you need to accomplish in order to reconstruct your page so as to provide a welcoming and profitable experience from multitudes of new visitors.

Even the best free SEO tools won’t make a difference if their recommendations are not instituted. Anyone can build a site that brings in visitors. The trick is to keep them onsite rather than sending them screaming away in terror and frustration. For SEO free tools are only as good as the way in which the data is interpreted and how solutions are implemented. The best SEO tools free up the creative juices by illuminating the path forward towards a future filled with happy visitors.

The all-inclusive task list pulls together all of the isolated recommendations that are aimed at the individual pieces of the puzzle as they are examined in sequence. Since a full report is generated both online for you to view as well as e-mailed to you so that you have a backup copy always at your fingertips, it is easy to simply check off the boxes as each improvement is made.

Free SEO tools online often do little more than drown you with a series of complex charts that leave one to suspect that this trip ends somewhere in orbit around Mars. That is not the case with our free online SEO tools. By the time you have examined our concise yet exhaustive report and digested its contents, you will know more about your own site, as well as that of your competitors, than you had ever dreamed possible.

All of the technocratic jargon and buzzwords will finally be pulled together with some easy and understandable suggestions that not only serve to solve the problems spotted but also to increase one’s understanding of the totality of the situation. For the first time, you will fully understand in quantifiable terms how your site stacks up against that of your competition. Best of all, when your SEO test free associates the standard jargon with comprehensible solutions, it’s like getting a valuable education in the proper ways to use SEO analysis at no cost to you whatsoever.

The On Page SEO Checker is more than just free online SEO tools, it is a roadmap to improved website performance that doesn’t just let you know that you’ve taken a wrong turn, but it also lays out a path for you to get back on the right track once again. Nor is it just a one-time only offer. You can use our free online SEO tools for each and every one of your web pages as often as you like or as you need. You can also check your pages against every one of your keywords and every competing website in order to fully button down your superiority over all of them.


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