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Evaluate your website free and check if it meets search engine optimisation standards with our free SEO report site

There is no doubt that you can promote your website, and even manage to push it at the top of the search engine page results for specific keywords and phrases with the help of pay per click methods, this option is not budget friendly, especially if you are trying to promote a popular keyword. You might end up busting your bank balance in a few days by using Google Adwords without any signification promotion of your site. In case you did not know, your competitor can keep on clicking on your PPC ads, causing loss of revenue to you without generating any sales. No doubt, Google checks and blocks individuals or bots from clicking on your ad if they come from identical IP address. However, there exist tools to bypass this block.

Follow the organic route

You can easily boost the rankings of your website by following time trusted organic methods and using on page optimisation. This means researching secondary or tertiary keywords as well as employing long tail keywords that have relevance to the main keyword. There are several other factors a professional SEO agency should employ while optimizing your site. However, why hire them while you can do the task on your own with the help of our free to use online SEO report generator.

Boom of the internet
free seo report generatorThanks to falling broadband prices, more and more people are accessing the net for making their purchases from online stores than ever before. High speed mobile networks ensure that people purchase their requirements while on the move. Thanks to this as well as the decrease in the costs of hosting, an increased number of people are shifting their business online. However, only a small percentage of them manage to forge a success story. The reasons for this are an increase in competition and poorly coded websites. People hardly look beyond the first two pages of search results that the search engine delivers when they query it for specific keywords and key phrases.

Lost in the internet jungle

Search for any term and you will be bombarded with ten of thousands of results. Would you rather check the first few results or browse through a couple of pages to find what you need. People are smart today. They include terms in their search queries to narrow down the results and get exactly what they need. For example a London based individual, on the lookout for low priced suits, would use the term `low cost suits in London.’ He can narrow down the search further by including a specific area or the name of a street. This provides him with targeted results. Sites containing those details will appear at the top of search engine page results (SERPs).

Pushing up your site at the top of the SERP

Most people, in an attempt to save money, hire individuals who have no idea about SEO to optimize their site. As a result, their website gets lost in the vast labyrinths of the net. Certain coders also resort to black hat tactics. This might provide a temporary boost to your website. However, you can rest assured that sooner or later, the spam team of Google will find this and remove your site from their index. Once your site is blacklisted, you will find it tough to complete formalities to get it indexed again by the search engine. Instead of taking any chances, hire a professional SEO agency to do the coding of your website. However, be prepared to pay a hefty sum for this task. Apart from this, it is necessary to monitor the rankings of your website on a regular basis and take necessary action if your competitors forge ahead of you. Can you imagine the fees involved if you hire professionals to do this for you?

Using pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is a viable option if you are promoting something unique. However, you cannot depend on this method if you sell general products. With every other individual selling similar products online, and depending on the same method to boost the rankings of their website, pushing your site to the top of search results for such products is a herculean task. Google Adwords is the preferred PPC choice amongst marketers worldwide. Search for any term and you will find several listings at the top of the search results that have a yellow rectangle with the word `Ad’ on it preceding them. They are the results provided by Google Adwords for individuals and businesses using their PPC marketing option.

You need deep pockets

However, you need to invest lots of money to start such a campaign and there is no guarantee that it will provide you with the desired results. Let us assume that you have gone in for such a method of promotion. Google deducts money from your account the moment a visitor clicks on the link, irrespective of whether he makes his purchase from your site or not. Here are the pros and cons of PPC.


• Set your own budget

• Ensuring that your page can be seen.

• Targeting audiences by location (city, state, and country)


• Does not guarantee that the visitor converts into a buyer

• Fraud by competitors: They can use multiple IPs to click your ad and financially demolish you.

• Cost of bidding for popular keywords is extremely expensive. You can rest assured that your competitors, particularly those who have been around for a while will outbid you.

• Gestation period: Do not expect this method to provide you with results overnight. You have to keep on advertising for several months before results start appearing.

Does this imply that you can never reach the top of the SERP? No! You can always attain your goal with the help of free SEO report if you are:

• Patient

• Locate faults on your website and fix them

• Spy on the tactics used by your competitors and use it to boost the SERP of your website

• Take regular reports of the health of your website as well as that of your competitors and make necessary alterations on your site.

• Understand the tricks that professionals use to boost the rankings of websites and implement them on your own.

Can I do this with dedicated software?

You can analyse your website with the help of costly software. However, none of them provides as much details as that provided by our free SEO report generator of On Page SEO Checker. We do not force you to take our word for it. Why do you not visit our website at and run an analysis of your website. You will be surprised to see many errors on the same. Our site even provides you the opportunity to analyse your website along with that of your rivals simultaneously. Enter the URL of your site and that of your competitor along with the primary keyword and your email. In a minute or so, you will receive a detailed report in your inbox. The side by side comparison will allow you to check what tricks your opponent has implemented to increase his website’s rankings. It also provides you with the faults present in your website and the measures you need to take to improve them.

What is the cost of using your services

We do not charge anything for our services and will never do so in the future. You can generate SEO free report on as many times as you wish to. In fact, we suggest that you generate free SEO reports of your site on a weekly basis to find how your site has improved since you last implemented changes on it. You might not believe it, but many SEO professionals are worried that they might lose their business. They realise that once individuals find out about our site and use our free online SEO report website, they will never depend on experts and pay hefty fees to them.

Step by step

We strongly suggest that you first check your own website and note down each error our site reports and modify them. Check again after a week to see if that error is resolved. Repeat this process until most of the problems have been solved. Once you have achieved this goal, it is time for you to spy on your competitor ad see the tactics employed by them and implement the same on your site. You can seek the help of our free SEO analysis report for this task. For best results, compare your site with at least three of your leading competitors. This will provide you with in depth results. Let us now take a look at a list of common errors that prevent you from enhancing the search engine page results of your website. Remember, one of them might require you to register a new domain: Google does not like domains with underscores in them. Start by studying the details of your site as provided on our free website SEO report.

• Page loading speed: People no longer have the time to wait forever for your page to load. Our site sends several requests to your site and that of your competitor and provides you with free SEO reports containing the average download time. Switch to a different host is the page load speed is slow.

• URL: Our free SEO report tool will provide you with details whether your site’s URL is SEO friendly. It also informs you if the URL contains an exact keyword match and if the page is close enough to TDL (top domain level)

• Title tag: Our free website analysis report informs you if the keyword is missing from the title tag. Placing the keyword at the start of this stage enhances the SERP of your website. Remember, you should ensure that the length of this tag should be less than 55 characters, inclusive of spaces.

• Description tag: This should not exceed 160 characters, including spaces, and should contain the exact keyword. You can find this information on our website analysis report.

• Images: Most people make mistakes when inserting images on their website. Remember, each image should have an alt tag, preferably one that has the exact keyword of the image. You should also include exact keyword to the image file name and ensure that you do not include underscores in the image file names. You can view comprehensive details about this on the website analysis report emailed to you by our free SEO report website.

• Words per page: Google loves pages that have 2,000 or more words on them. Avoid using the keyword more than 4 times (forget the 2% keyword density mentioned by the so called SEO gurus). Adding the exact keyword within the first 100 words of the page as well as to the anchor text provides a boost to your site. By the way, do not forget to highlight the keyword by highlighting, italicising, or underlining it. Include a sitemap.html on the index page and link all other pages to it.

• Avoid Flash: It is amazing to see that website designers still use Flash, even though it is considered as outdated technology and increases the page load time considerably. Apart from this, the sections containing these coding will not render on the visitor’s browser unless they have the Flash plugin installed. On testing a specific page, our website SEO analysis report revealed that its HTML coding was not W3C validated. There were several other errors on the page like inclusion of inline CSS (cascading style sheet), no link to site, and contained no schema org markup (a kind of microdata that helps search engines interpret and parse information on web pages more effectively so they can serve relevant results to visitors based on search queries). You will find this information included in our seo analysis report. If both your and your competitor’s website does not have this markup, include it in yours to forge ahead of him.

• Nearly 70% of individuals depend on their laptops and smartphones to access the net on the move. They will not be able to browse your website properly unless you add a mobile sitemap. Remember to include compression such as .gzip to increase data transfer rate. You need to include a viewport meta tag to make your website mobile friendly. While talking about mobiles, do not forget to include an Apple icon.

• Social networks: You will rarely find a good site that does not contain social network icons. The owners of these sites include a link on these icons that allows visitors to share information on their social networks directly from the site. They achieve this by clicking the social network button on your website. Therefore, include Tweet, Google+, Linkedin, and Facebook share buttons on your site. The information provided by our free SEO report generator shows the number of page shares of your site and that of your competitor on those networks.

Incoming links play an important role in improving the search engine page rankings of a website, particularly if these links originate from unique domains. Our free website analysis report gives comprehensive information such as the number of inbound links from other sites, the number of outbound links and outbound follow links. It also allows you to see the MozTrust and MozRank page score.

Tip of the iceberg

This is just the beginning. Our free online page analysis tool checks each page of your site and provides you with information about flaws in them. This includes details such as

• Domain length (in characters)

• Age of domain (in years and days)

• Expiry date of the domain

• Whether the preferred domain is set or not

• If your site is accessible via SSL (secure socket layer)

• If the index contains a robots.txt (this contains information about which pages the search engine should follow or should not follow)

• The number of pages indexed by Google

Get going now

 free website analysis reportWhat are you waiting for? We have provided you with all the weapons required to analyse your website plus that of your rival. Check how many inbound links his site has, the number of Facebook shares and Google+ connections, and much more information and try to improve your site by fixing the drawbacks on your site. Repeat this procedure on a weekly basis and a time will soon come when you will find a marked improvement in the SERP of your website.


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