Getty Images’ PicScout boosts its image recognition and tracking tools

From the PicScout website

From the PicScout website

Getty Images’ Israel-based subsidiary PicScout harnesses visual recognition for online tracking of images, and it has now released two new tools to boost its capabilities. One, called Insights for Business, helps brands and agencies place images online, and the other, called Insights for Everyone, lets individuals track the online use of their photos.

Previously, PicScout’s business was primarily focused around making sure that brands’ and agencies’ images were only used online for licensed purposes.

It tracked metadata that accompanies images and employed visual recognition to “fingerprint” the images so they could be automatically recognized even if they were altered.

Typically, PicScout General Manager Uri Lavi told me, a customer would provide a library of images, and PicScout would return a report on where they were being used online. License enforcement was up to the customer. Although a Getty Images subsidiary, PicScout works with outside customers.

Now, the company has added artificial intelligence-driven deep learning, which helps provide more than visual recognition for tracking.

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