Google AdSense Drops Ad Limit Per Page Policy

Over the past 12 hours, I received a few emails and notifications from AdSense publishers that Google seems to have dropped the ad limit per page policy. In the past, the policy was written up on this page as saying that there were “up to three AdSense for content units.” Now that has been removed.

Here is a screen shot from the way back machine:

click for full size

Now, it is no where to be seen.

It is hard to tell if this was an accidental change to the content or if it was a new policy change? I hope to learn more.

But right now, the ongoing Google AdSense Help thread has no official word from Google on this change.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Google removed the strict 3 ad per page limit policy.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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