Google remarketing lists for search ads make their way to Google search partners


Fan of Google’s Remarketing lists for search ads (aka RLSAs)? Good news, the popular retargeting option is now available for Google Search Partners. RLSAs allow marketers to customize their search campaigns to people that have previously visited their site. This targeting can allow advertisers to leverage non-traditional  keywords by hitting a specific Audience familiar with the brand.

To turn this feature on head to the campaign settings tab and be sure to click on “Include search partners”:


Once turned on, you’ll cast a wider retargeting net, potentially reaching out across the entire Search Network. For more information on how Google Search Partners can work for you (or work against you), don’t miss our columnist post by Andy Taylor, Google Search Partner Network: Friend Or Foe? or see the official Google post on Google+.

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Author: Greg Finn

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