Google testing Campaign Groups to forecast & track goal targets across multiple campaigns


Google appears to be testing or perhaps slowly rolling out a new feature that allows advertisers to track goals across groups of campaigns.

Spotted by Ariana Wolf from Denver-based digital agency 90octane, a “Campaign groups” menu option appears in the left navigation from the Campaigns tab. Wolf tweeted the following screenshots showing the workflow of the new monitoring and reporting tool.


Advertisers can group campaigns into a Campaign Set and assign a performance target for conversions, CPA or spend within a specific date range.


The tool then provides an overview of performance along with forecasts for goal achievement by the end of the date range.


Wolf points out that at this point, there is no tie-in with automated bid strategies at this point, but it is an interesting way to see how campaigns with the same goal (CPA, conversions, spend) are performing against their targets.

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Author: Ginny Marvin

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