Google: We're Moving Search To An Artificial Intellegenc First World

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Maile Ohye, a Developer Programs Tech Lead at ‎Google who is very involved with the search community, presented at State Of Search last night. In her keynote presentation, she said Google is moving from a mobile-first world to a AI-first world.

According to Mark Traphagen of Stone Temple Consulting, she quoted Sundar Puchai, the CEO of Google as saying “we’re moving from mobile-first world to AI-first world. We want to build a personal Google for every user.”

I believe Sundar Puchai said that at Google I/O a few months back. Here is the slide she showed off courtesy of @NTDubb:

Right now, Google is a mobile first search company with the mobile-first index coming and all their talk and action around mobile.

But the future, according to Maile and Sundar is AI. Are you ready?

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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