On Page SEO Test – Why Every Website Needs It

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On page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a common term in online marketing. If you have a website, and want your products or services to sell online, it is crucial that you draw the right traffic to your site. Traffic implies the number of users that visit your website. The greater the traffic flowing to your site, the higher is the chance that people visiting your web pages will be interested in what you are offering and eventually make a purchase.

on page seo testing softwareThe chief source of traffic to your website is through search engines. People type in the keywords that they are interested in and the search engines will show the websites that contain these keywords. Most users visit only the first few websites to find what they are looking for. If you are relatively new online or if your site is not properly optimized, your search engine rankings might be low.

On Page SEO: Why is it Important

Optimizing your website includes several tasks, one of which is on page SEO. Through on page SEO you can improve your rankings considerably; this translates to more business for your company. Google has made several updates to its crawling algorithm in the last few years. It is essential that your web pages comply with the latest updates including Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird to be properly optimized. While you need both on page SEO and off page SEO to gain maximum exposure in search engines and to keep your users happy, most experts opine that on page SEO is more important. Read on to know why.

• When search engines are reading your site, among other things they check the page title, description, the major headings and the images. This gives them an idea about the page and is instrumental in ranking your site. If these are correctly optimized it is good for your website.

• It is easier to start with on page SEO and try to improve the search engine rankings instead of trying to convince the search engines to give you the same through off page SEO. Search engines are nothing but computer programs that are familiar with a particular language. When you engage in on page SEO, you are ‘speaking’ their language and it is easier for you to reach your SEO goals.

• It is surprising to note that even with so much information about SEO there are several websites that are not optimized for the search engines. Many website owners feel that it is not worth it. They must know that on page SEO especially has a lot to offer both in terms of drawing traffic and usability.

• For some businesses, SEO on page is all that they need. If you have a local business and your target is local customers, on page SEO is enough to satisfy your requirements.

• In online promotion, off page SEO comes after on page SEO. To promote the website, you need to be first sure that the website is optimized and in proper condition. The first step therefore is to work with on page SEO and then move to off page.

On Page SEO Checker, a 100% free on page analysis tool can help you in optimizing your site for better search engine rankings.

On Page SEO Tips

Here are some SEO tips to help you enhance the visibility and performance of your website in the search engine rankings.

Optimize the speed of your site – This is one of the first things that you must do when performing on page optimization. If the web pages take a long time to load, it will negatively impact the search engine ranking of the website. Check the present speed of the site and compare it to the speed of the competitor’s website. The quicker your web pages load, the better it is for you. If you find that your pages are taking long to load in comparison to that of your competitor’s website, you need to do some optimization to increase the loading speed of the website.

Remember to optimize the images on your site as well; try to compress them while retaining their quality. Images occupy a large space in a website and affects the loading time of the pages. When you compress the images, it enables your website to load quicker.

If your website is based on CMS system such as WordPress, it is easy to speed up. Just installing a cache plugin will enable you to decrease the loading time of your website and increase the speed of the same.

Place meta tags on your website – It is helpful to use meta tags in your website. Apart from the title tag of your web pages, you must also include meta tags for keywords. This will help the search engines to know the keywords you are targeting and will help enhance the visibility of your site.

Use tags on the pages – When developing a website, it is important that you use the right tags. This helps the search engines to index your pages easily and improve your rankings. The images should also carry tags. This will enable them to be indexed by the search engines.

Keyword rich content – Keywords are the search phrases that people enter in the search engines when on the lookout for a product or service. You must know the keywords for your particular domain and make sure to insert them in the content of your website.

While having high authority back links to your site is an integral part of search engine optimization, doing proper on page SEO is also essential. If the website does not have proper on page SEO, it will not be possible for you to enjoy all the benefits of search engine optimization. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your on page SEO is effective and relevant.

On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO

Website optimization is imperative to get the best results from your website. When SEO is done using proven techniques, it makes websites more appealing to search engines, which in turn helps improve rankings. SEO techniques are broadly classified into:

• On page SEO
• Off page SEO

On page SEO refers to the aspects on your website that can be optimized for the search engines. Off page SEO, on the other hand, relates to aspects of other websites that can be optimized to help enhance the ranking of your website. If you are looking to optimize your site, it is important to know the difference between on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO

seo on page online toolOn page SEO is the very first thing that a webmaster must look into. It requires regular revision of the site to help improve as well as maintain the rankings. In this method, the keywords that the user may write in the search engines play an important role. Also, the size of the website must not be too large or too small. It should have proper engaging content as well. Some of the major components that are involved in on page optimization include:

• Headings
• Title
• Meta description
• Meta tags
• Image
• URL structure
• User-friendly navigation
• Fast loading
• High quality content
• Optimized internal and external links

Title – The title tag should be short and descriptive, something that will help the visitors to know more about you and your business. You must take some time to give your title a thought. While writing the title, the focus should be more on the content of your site. It is the title tag which is indexed on the search engines; it therefore has more importance than the other components. Your title should be attractive enough for the readers to explore your website more.

Meta tags and content – Meta tag refers to a short description about your site and the services you offer. Content writing is a vital feature to help drive more traffic to the site. It is important to update your content at regular intervals with fresh information and relevant phrases and keywords to help increase the search engine rankings of the site. Apart from your website, excellent content is required for your blogs, articles and press releases as well. While adding keywords in the content, keep in mind that while using keywords is important, stuffing your site with the same can make it unreadable.

Link optimization – Good link building works to improve the visibility of your site. A website should have effective internal and external links in place to get high ranks in search engines. Remember to use links only from genuine sites.

Image optimizationImage optimization can make the website unique. However, it must be done as per certain criteria. The first is the loading speed and the file size of an individual image. The second is optimization and proper file name. The search engine spiders can read text and not images. Therefore, adding special tags to them will make them visible to search engines.

Internal linking – While it does not have the same importance as linking from other sites, it is a good way to show the search engines what the website contains. The strategy is also good to keep your visitors in your site for a longer time as they go from one page to another in your site. Internal linking not only makes it easier for your readers to navigate around your website and read all the content, but it also ensures that the web pages are crawled thereby enabling the search engines to find all the pages. While putting links keep in mind to give only useful internal links and stick to just 7-8 links per page.

URL structure – The URLs on your website is another way of showing what the web pages are about. URL structure is crucial. Many webmasters do not take the time to optimize the URL. While it is not something that is usually thought about much, it is necessary to keep it in mind.

Proper navigation structure – When you have a good navigational structure, it allows the visitors to navigate your site easily. It also enables search engines to locate your site and rank it.

Off page SEO

Off page optimization is mostly about link building aspects of a website. Here are some of the components of off page SEO.

Link building – If you secure high quality links, your site will rank high. Proper link building can work to significantly increase traffic to your site. While adding links to your pages, keep in mind that the ranking depends not just on the quantity of links, but in the quality of the same. When you add external links to your site, it can significantly increase the quality of your site and make it rank high.

Social media marketing – These days almost everyone has a social media account. Effective marketing in these sites will make your company more visible and more people can find you and visit you. Social media optimization has become a very efficient way of promoting business online.

Social bookmarking – Search engines give importance to top social bookmarking websites and this can significantly increase your rankings.

Both on page SEO and off page SEO are crucial for your online business. You must understand the difference between the two to implement the right strategies.

Content is King

Content is the most important factor in on page SEO. Keep in mind, a website with brilliant content can survive with or without SEO. A website with bad content will not go far with or without SEO. While there are several ways you can make a site show up higher in the search engine rankings, the most important thing is its quality. Good content means that it is well researched and well written. When people are impressed with what they read in your site, they would like to associate with you. There are many ways you can write attractive content.

Keyword rich – First, research the keywords related to your domain. You can use a keywords tool to find the right phrases. By knowing what people are looking for and the kind of content they want, you can get an idea of what to write. Also, keyword rich headlines are more effective and useful than generic ones.

However, refrain from overusing and repeating keywords just for the convenience of search engine robots. This can even cause your site from being banned by the search engines. It is best to keep your keyword density to around 2-5% of the total word count of the article.

seo page test for freeOriginal content – Remember, your content, which includes articles, images, text, presentations, info graphics, videos, and comments should be original. These should not be copies or just re-writes of existing articles in the web. While posting content, think for a moment if it would be useful to your readers. Do not publish anything just for the sake of doing so. Make sure to only add something that would bring value to your site. Posting frequency is also an important factor in content. Have a publishing strategy, decide how frequently you want to post in your website and stick to it for best results. If you are posting non-text content such as a video or an image, it is good to add a text description as well.

Article submission – Writing and then submitting the articles to article directories is a good way to build back links. The directories allow you to add a link to your website.

Body tags – While writing content, you can break it into several small paragraphs and sections, which will make it easier for people to read. The sections can have different headings including H1, H2, H3 etc.

For website owners, who do not have the time to do SEO for their website or are totally new to the concept, you can hire a reputable SEO firm to do the job for you. It is a competitive world online where products and services of thousands of companies are vying against each other to draw the attention of the customer. In such an environment, it helps to employ measures that would help you stand out amongst your competitors. The best SEO company can help manage your online marketing campaign and help you achieve online success.

http://www.onpageseochecker.com offers a free on page analysis tool, which is extremely helpful when you are optimizing your page. You can put in the website URL of your competitor and yours to understand how your page metrics compare. A copy of the record is also emailed to you for future reference. The best part is that you can use the online free tool as often as you want and for as many sites as you require.


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