[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #33: Alex Hertel of Xperiel on marketing in the “Real World Web”


Are we moving from the “World Wide Web” to the “Real World Web”? Alex Hertel, the CEO and co-founder of a company called Xperiel, thinks so. His company is working with clients like Pepsi, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Sacramento Kings to connect the online and offline worlds and make for one seamless customer experience.

In this week’s episode of our weekly podcast, Marketing Land Live, Marketing Land’s Barry Levine talks with Hertel about how his company is trying to make the physical world more digitally interactive and what that will mean for marketers.

The episode runs about 27 minutes and you can listen below. Be sure to scroll down for this week’s Show Notes, with links for more information.

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Show Notes

Xperiel announces cloud-based platform so marketers can build apps for the Internet of Things

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