Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Mobile First Index, Search Console Changes & SEO Topics

This week we covered the big news around Google going with a mobile-first index and discussed a ton of the questions around what that means for webmasters. We also covered that Gary Illyes from Google said that content hidden in tabs, accordions and so forth with be given full weight with this change. Google has a new repeat offenders manual action for safe browsing. Google Search Console is undergoing some major infrastructure updates, what does that mean for us? Google index status report had an update was well. The crawl status report for apps is now going to be batched updated, instead of updated daily. Google confirmed they removed the knowledge graph snippet overlays. They also had a bug which accidentally removed the small sitleinks. Google said they need external links for rankings. Google offered SEO guidance for progressive web apps. Google said domain length doesn’t get looked at for rankings. Google said TLDs don’t help promote or demote your rankings. Google also said they don’t look at the HTML lang attribute. Google is testing a new design for the AMP news carousel. Google’s people also ask feature gets a dynamic infinite load. Google has killed off their Google Map Maker product. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Author: (Barry Schwartz)

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