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Do you have a website and would like to know how well it rates in its SEO design? If you are more than curious about how well your site is created, and what is ok or what needs to be improved, then look no farther than the seo analyzer tool! There are other seo analyzers out there, many of them you have to pay for that do not do as good a job, either. This tool is complete and thorough in its analysis of you (and your competitions) website, giving you accurate facts about all areas of your SEO/Web Design and in the end of the analysis gives you a task list to perform improvements with. Let’s take a look at what this tool is all about.

Let’s talk about the benefits of using the seo analyzer tool in general. There is a lot that goes into a website design, and a lot that can go wrong. Without a complete accurate analysis, you are left guessing at your website’s usability and effectiveness potential. That’s hardly acceptable. There are a number of core benefits that are at the heart of this tool, and what it will do for you to help you analyze, correct, repair, and compare your website to make it the best it can be and eliminate any problem areas that exist altogether. Here is a list of those benefits.

Top Benefits of the seo analyzer tool:

Easy to Use: just go to the website and type in the URL of the website to be analyzed into the appropriate form. You will also need to enter an appropriate keyword as well. When you have done this, you will also only need to enter your name and email address, but other than this, it is all you need to do. This analyzer is designed for anyone to be able to easily use, whether you know anything substantial about web design or not.

Quick, Comprehensive Analysis: it takes 45 seconds or less for your website to be analyzed. It is all automated and you need do nothing to assist the process, just click and it does the rest.

Precise Information: the tool will give you information that is accurate and reflects the seo constraints found in web design generally. This information is formulated by taking the elements of standards in seo web design and doing a match of the site being analyzed to the standards found in the industry, online in website design across the web, and the field of website design itself as a whole.

Pinpointed Problem Areas: your website design analysis will most likely have some kind of errors or corrections that need to be performed in order to improve your website. In any case there are a number of factors that are examined and diagnosed, creating a framework of ideas that are designated as “tasks” to be carried out to fix to improve your design. Most all areas of potential design error are represented in the analysis, and it is comprehensive and well-executed, leaving no room for doubt as to what steps to take to make changes.

Task Outline Takeaway: at the end of the report, a detailed list of tasks is generated from the body of the report that you can save or print and use to make any changes, corrections, fixes, or even complete overhauls of your design structure. This is a precise and perfect list of things to do; if you were to take any conceivable website and run it through the tool, you would in the end, by viewing the report and then examining the task list, know exactly what you need to do to change or improve anything relevant to seo and website design that may potentially be needed.

seo toolsWhen you use the seo analyzer tool, you will find that there are many features that are present that you can make use of to improve, correct, or change your website. The analysis you get is in the form of a very detailed report, full of information about your website and how it performs. The report that is generated from your website analysis is full of information grouped in categories.

You should know what each category is and what it entails within the report body. So let’s examine what the average report includes as far as items that are on it for you to consider when you are finished with the analysis you create. Here is a list of the general features you will find within the free seo analyzer tool that you can use to improve your website in many different ways (and increase customer satisfaction).

Ranking: the report will tell you exactly what ranking your page has as far as overall quality in terms of a percentage (i.e. 80%, 78%, etc.). This is a key indicator of how well your site is constructed in a general way, a guideline for analysis. Key points follow in multitude.

Speed: the report will tell you specifically how fast the page loaded and if the page should load quicker or not. It will also tell you if the size of the file is too large for average purposes (which results in slower speeds. It will also tell you the number of requests it takes to get the page downloaded, and whether this is fast or slow.

URL: the report will tell you whether the URL itself is SEO-friendly, and will go on to tell you if the exact keyword you have specified is in the URL. The report will tell you if there are underscores within the URL. Report will also specify if the website is within a close range to top-level domains for its category.

Title Tag: Report will indicate if you need a keyword in your description tag (many people forget this) and will diagnose the tagline (should be 160 characters or less).

Image analysis: report will indicate if the images on the page are in need of “alt tags” and whether you need to add exact keyword to an alt tag. You may want to add an exact keyword to an image file name, and report will tell you if you should or not. Report will also tell you if you need to remove any underscores from any image file names.

Keywords and Headings: the report will tell you whether you need to add an H1, H2, or H3 tag to the page, and what words are used (keywords). The analysis will indicate whether you need to add an exact keyword to an H1, H2, or H3 tag as well. Report will also tell you if you need to remove any duplicate headings as well.

Copy analysis: the report will do a complete word count and tell you if you have under 2,000 words written within the body of the text (and whether you should modify copy to include more words to meet this word count). If you have used too many keywords, it will tell you exactly how to change the copy and how many times the keywords should be used in the new copy. It will also indicate whether the keyword was found in the first 100 words or not (as it should) and if the exact keyword was found in the anchor text. Finally, the copy analysis will indicate whether a sitemap.html was found on the site.

Code analysis: each website contains coding, and the website analyzer checks the code for you. It will always indicate whether the code was w3c html code compliant or not, to begin with. Report will then tell you whether any flash animation was found on the site. It will recommend whether to remove inline CSS programming or not, and will measure and tell you whether the text-to html ratio is too high or low and what the percentage is. Also, it is reported if there is any code present, and if any links to sitemap.xtm can be found as well.

Social analysis: social media is a huge part of web programming and design currently, and a whole separate analysis of your social media presence is conducted. You are told if a or share button is found on your site or not. You will be told whether to add a Google+ account to your website. Report will also indicate whether any links to blogs were located on website.

Mobile analysis: your report will include information as to a sitemap for mobile within your site. It will be indicated whether your site contains compression. You will receive a recommendation whether to add an Apple icon or not. You will also be told if a viewport meta tag was found or not.

Page Link Analysis: links from other sites are reported, as well as links from other domains, separately. The number of outbound links are in the report, as well as the number of outbound follow links. MozTrust scores are also reported, and well as MozRank, and MozPage Authority scores, all of them are included within the report. If you are unaware of what these scores reflect, you can always do a little online research to find out more information about these specific items, or anything within any report not commonly known.

Root Domain Link Analysis: besides more items similar or identical to page link analysis, you will also be told how many indexed pages your site contains on Google.

Domain Analysis: You will be told in report how many characters your domain length contains. You will also receive a recommendation whether the domain should or should not contain the exact keyword (you may want to switch domains). Report will tell you how many years and days old the domain is, and how many years and days it will be before it expires. Report will tell you if the preferred domain is set, and if your IP redirects you to your URL. Report will indicate whether your site should be accessible by HTTPS (SSL). Report will also indicate if robots and favicon files are found.

free search engine optimization on page checkerThese features are really state-of-the art, and surprisingly sophisticated for a free seo analyzer tool. You can find the best of the seo analysis tools available online right here in this tool. Websites and design become more complicated every day, and so does user behavior. Yet, these up-to-date features will analyze and report the exact information you need to make all the needed changes you want or need.

The features it includes are comprehensive, not leaving anything important in the field of design out of the picture. You could use the analyzer tool for any website online whatsoever, and be sure you would get an accurate, detailed, and ultimately useful analysis report you or anyone can benefit from.

Potential uses of the seo analyzer tool are wide and varied. Web designers can use this free tool to check and improve their designs and make any necessary corrections as needed. Business owners can check their websites and advise their designers what could be fixed on their websites, or perhaps even make corrections themselves if they are DIY designers for their own businesses.

It’s a great tool for anyone who needs comprehensive analysis for their website designs in general, for any purpose they may have. This also includes spotting the weaknesses in your competition’s designs and making sure you don’t have similar issues. Using the seo analyzer is simple and easy, making it possible for anyone to use it basically, you don’t need to have special knowledge of design to use the tool. However, if you are a non-designer, some of the terminology in the report may be foreign to you.

Web design on a commercial level is probably in most cases best left in the hands of a designer. In order to best interpret and use the analysis the tools provide, you should know what the terms mean and what to do to implement the correcting tasks. This can be done by careful research and study of the terms and of the elements of web design indicated.

seo analysisAfter carefully weighing all the benefits, features, and uses of the analyzer tool, it can easily be seen why it is a great asset to have for anyone with a website, or for anyone in charge of a site design. Even managers assigned to oversee a website design and make sure it is at its best with no design knowledge can quickly and easily (and without cost) plug right into the analysis and get detailed reports for the boss or head manager (or client) who needs the critical information that is generated by this wonderful and exhaustive seo analyzer tool.

The analyzer is a real asset to any company or individual who needs real information that makes a huge difference in a web design or analysis of a business geared towards improvement, or just knowledge of general completeness and usability parameters so needed in business. Without the information contained in an analysis report, a business will be left wondering about how good their website is, or is not.

That is not good business to leave such matters up to chance, and the analyzer tool will tell you exactly what’s wrong, (and right) with your existing website so you have facts, not opinion, to base real knowledge of your website status on, no guesswork is involved whatsoever.

There are other seo analyzer tools on the market, but they do not perform as well as the seo analyzer tool. When you are looking around online you may find tools like,, or

on page seo checker toolThese website analyzers are somewhat effective, but the tool we have been discussing here at length is one of the most comprehensive tools that has ever been created, one of the easiest to use, and best of all, it will always be absolutely free to use for all time (the owners assure us that there will never be charge to use this tool, and they plan on being online indefinitely). This is great news for web enthusiasts, designers, and web designers looking for a new way to improve their designs and therefore, maximize their website’s potential.


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