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Why you should use SEO competitor analysis tool

You might be frustrated by the fact that the websites of your competitors, promoting the same products and services as that of yours, always appear at the top of the search engine page rankings (SERP) whereas yours is lost in the thousands of other results. Sometimes you see their ads at the top of the search results with a yellow coloured rectangle beside it containing the word `Ad.’ This implies that they are using Google Adwords, a pay per click (PPC) system where the advertiser bids (either manually or automatically) for a particular keyword or key phrase. You can set a daily budget and allow AdWords adjust your bids to provide you the maximum number of clicks within your limit. You have to pay the PPC amount each time someone clicks on your ad.

Bad news

seo competitor analysis tool onlineThe sad part is that you will have to spend lots of money when bidding for top ranking keywords. If this is not enough, this method is not foolproof. Your competitors can click on your CPC ads from different IPs and can possibly deplete your daily set budget in a few minutes. This means that you lose your ad revenue without getting a single client. Why not use the organic method to boost the rankings of your website. It is free and boosts your website’s SERP in a few months. However, you need to hire a professional agency to do this. Would it not be awesome if you could achieve this result on your own, from the comfort of your home, without spending any money? Keep on reading to find how we can help you do this.

You only need to understand the basics of HTML

The diagnostic tools on our website will allow you to find out the mistakes on your website so that you can fix them. However, it would be handy if you could find out the exact strategies used by your competitors, especially those who rank at the top of search results without resorting to Google Adwords. They use on page optimisation, which helps them boost the ranking of their site quickly. Since they are not using Adwords, their competitors cannot outbid them for specific keywords and key phrases. This means that their rankings remain stable too. We assume that you have a bit of knowledge of common HTML terms such as tags and headers and can edit the HTML coding of your site too. Let us begin the journey to blast your adversaries away from the top of the search results page and put your website over there instead.

How our free tool helps you to achieve higher rankings

competitor analysis seo systemYou can bet your last copper that your competitor has not optimised his website properly. Boosting the ranking of a website depends on many factors… something not possible even for hardcore coding professionals. Can you imagine the boost you can provide your website with if you find such mistakes on the sites of your rivals, and ensure that you do not include the same errors on your site?
Points to ponder

• Domain name: Most people do not know about the importance of exact keywords in the URL. This aspect plays a huge role when calculating the overall ranking of a site. However, with millions of persons already having purchased exact keyword names in TLDs (top level domains such as .com, .biz etc.) it might not be possible for you to get the exact keyword match on such domains. However, check if that keyword is available with a different extension and register it immediately. Never use the name of your company for the domain name. Use the term people are likely to search for. If you are into photography, search for that name in domain registration sites. You will be surprised to know that is available. You need not worry about this as you will find out while testing sites that end with .com with our online tool. More often than not, you will find the report stating that the page is close enough to TLD.

• Page loading speed: With tens of thousands of sites promoting the same products and services, you can rest assured that your prospective client will visit some other site if your does not load quickly. You can compare the page load speed of your site and that of your competitor with our SEO competitor analysis tool and find out the time it takes for their page to load. You need not worry if yours loads faster then theirs; else, it is time for you to search for a new web host. However, you can boost the page load speed of your site by removing large images from them and replacing them with small images with links to the bigger one.

• Page size: Do not assume that the visitor will keep on scrolling your web page until he finds what he is searching for. It is better to break your sites into different sections (and subsections, if required) but keep the size of each page small. Our website will inform you if the size of your page is within permissible limits.

• File requests: When a visitor tries to access your site, the server gathers information from his browser, processes it, and sends the necessary information to the visitor. A poorly designed site cannot handle such requests properly. Our free checking tool checks if your site is optimized for such requests.

• Title tags: We were surprised to find that the title tag of many sites that offer professional photography not using the word `photography’ in their title tag. The few that used this term in their title did so in the middle or end of the title. Some of them had titles containing 100 characters. You can push your site ahead of them by including the term `photography’ at the beginning of the title tag and keep the size of this tag to 55 characters or less.

• Description tags: It was the same with description tags too. Though most of those sites had less than 160 characters on this tag, they did not include the exact keyword on it. By using a description tag of less than 160 characters that contains the term `photography professional of Manchester’, (assuming that you are based in that city) you can beat the local competition in local search engine rankings. Remember, people often include the name of the city in their search query.

• What about the pictures: Images provide an excellent way to display your products to your clients. However, since search engines cannot fully decipher them, you need to provide an alternative method. You can do so by including `alt’ tags for every image on your website. Apart from this, those tags should contain exact keywords that relate to that image. Separate the words with spaces or hyphens, but never use underscores for that purpose since search engines does not recognize `underscores.’ The alt tags in images also help browsers read out the text in the tags… useful for the visually impaired. Remember to use the exact keyword. Hence use tags like `photography of the sky,’ `wedding photography portfolio,’ etc. Check your web page and that of your rival with our free online competitor analysis SEO tool to check if all the images contain proper `alt’ tags. Do not be surprised if you find many errors in the website of your rival.

• Important information: When you compare your site with that of your rival using the free SEO competitor analysis tool on you will find a score on the top of each page, which provides the number of points each site has based on one out of hundred. Note down the figure displayed on your competitor’s website and on that of yours, and check a week or so after you have implemented changes to your site to see if your scores have improved. Repeat this process every week as you keep on finding errors on your site and correcting them.

• Top five words: Our site even allows you to find the top five words used on websites. We were astonished when we checked two photography sites with and checked the analysis. One of them had `email’ at the top of the list, whilst the other had `choose’ at the top. If this was not enough, none of them had any word related to photography on the top five words. On physically checking those sites, we found that the first one had `email’ on the top and bottom of each page and the other employed `choose’ in the `alt’ tags of their images. Ensure that you never make such mistakes. Obviously, you can weed out such problems and see if your rival has them on their site by scanning both of them with our free online SEO competitor analysis site. You might need to tweak the HTML code of your site judiciously, but the rewards you stand to gain are worth the effort, considering that we do not charge you for using our on page SEO checker.

• Flash: Do not use Flash coding on your website for creating fancy images since such images will not show on browsers that do not have the Flash plugin installed. Apart from this, it also increases the file size, therefore increasing the time for your site to load on the visitor’s browser.

• Exact keywords in headers: Do not forget to include the term `photography’ in H1, H2, and H3 tags. Also, ensure that you do not use any of the heading tags more than once.

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• Descriptive content: Content is king! You should update your site with descriptive content on a regular basis. We were surprised to find that many sites still use a single article of 500 words on a page. There is no way that you can increase the SERP of your site in this manner. If necessary, include multiple articles but ensure that each page contains more than 2,000 words.

• Keyword density and other attributes: Gurus point out that 2% keyword density is best for optimizing content. We suggest that you do not employ more than 0.2% for best results. SEO professionals suggest that using bold, italics, or underlined text does not have any effect on the overall optimization of the page. We agree! However, as a photographer, you would like your readers to know that you specialise in model photography, industrial photography, marriage photography, etc. By formatting these words in bold, italics, or underlined text, you make it easier for the reader to find them. You can include a hyperlink on those words, which leads to a different section of your site providing detailed information. The golden rule of employing exact keywords is relevant here too. Apart from this, do not forget to include it on the anchor text.

• Advantage social networks: Are you aware of the number of footfalls on Facebook per day. Do you know that Google+ helps to link like minded professionals? Everyone knows about the power of Twitter and how quickly a Tweet can reach tens of thousands of interested individuals once it is retweeted. Therefore, it is imperative for you to include a Tweet button, a Facebook share button, and a Google+ button. They let others know about your site, and increase its ranking too. Our on page SEO checker will scan your site and that of your rival and show you exact analysis of the number of page shares both of you have in social networks. If yours is less, it is time to boost your presence on those networks.

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• Mobile analysis: More and more people depend on their mobile to access the internet. This allows them to browse the net while they are travelling. You can lose out on a substantial number of clients if you do not make your website mobile friendly. You can do this easily by including a mobile sitemap. Since people use smartphones running on different operating systems such as Android and Apple, it is wise to include icons of these operating systems on your site. Go one step ahead of your rival by using out site to check if his website has the Apple icon.

• Inbound links: Never underestimate the importance of inbound links since they improve the rating of your site. This rating goes up higher if the inbound links come from unique domains. Here is a short explanation of standard inbound links and that from unique domains. If 200 of your friends add a link to your site from their Facebook page, it means 200 links. If 100 of those friends had their own website (each website has its unique domain) and included a link to your site from there too, that means your site has 200 links from other sites and 100 links from unique domains. Our analysis tool also provides information about outbound links, outbound follow links, and much more.

• Age of the site: The age of the site increases its page ranking too. Compare your site with that of others through to find out the age of the domains, and when it is about to expire. If the domain of your rival is older than that of yours, then you should not be surprised if his site ranks higher than that of yours. You should also check information about the number of pages indexed by Google. This depends on various factors, which includes the number of pages on your site.

How to use your tool

how to rank fasterUsing our tool is extremely simple. Go to and type the name of your site on the first field. Now input the main keyword on the field to the right. Click on the `+’ symbol beneath the first field to reveal another field. Input the URL of your opponent’s site on this field. Input your name and email on the next two fields and click on the `scan now’ button. A moving bar will show you the progress of the analysis. Once the analysis is complete (this usually takes less than a minute), our website will send an email to you containing a detailed report of both sites in .pdf format. Study the file to find out the flaws in your site and that of your opponent. Improve all the flaws on your site to improve its page ranking.


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