Wait, The Google Index Status Report Update Was Not A Bug?

The other day, we reported there was an unknown update to the Index Status report in the Google Search Console. John Mueller then said on Twitter “we fixed the glitch,” and the “update” line in the report went away.

But now, the data anomalies page does show up an update for November 6th, but the line is still missing from the report.

The update reads:

November 6, 2016

Internal index updates. These changes should have a minimal affect on end users.

The line is not in my reports anymore but they did show up a few days ago to look like this:

Unknown Google Search Index Status Report Update

I guess it was not a bug? But it might be related to the infrastructure updates that are being performed now on the Search Console?

Forum discussion continued at Twitter.

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Author: barry@rustybrick.com (Barry Schwartz)

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