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Use SEO Checker to improve the ranking of your website effortlessly, and spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies.

SEO Checker to your rescue

Check out our free online SEO checker software todayIt seems as if search engines are discriminatory and have a mind of their own. The website of your competitor always appears higher in the search engine results page than that of yours whenever someone searches for keywords and key phrases related to products and services that both of you promote. Could it be that the SEO firm you employed do not have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization? Could it be that the website designer has missed placing image tags on your website? The fact is that you are losing on sales and will keep on doing so unless you find a suitable solution for this problem quickly.

Hiring the best SEO firm

You can hire the best SEO firm to go through the coding of your website, find the faults in it, and fix it. They will compare your site with that of your competitors, find what makes the latter rank higher than that of yours, and implement the same strategies for your online store. However, be prepared to pay a massive sum for their services. Would it not be awesome if you could perform this task from the comfort of your home in a few minutes, without investing in costly software, and get detailed statistics of your website and that of your rival? This is exactly what SEO Checker, a free tool, allows you to do.

What is SEO

SEO is a technique that helps search engines to find and rank your website higher than that of your competitors in response to a search query. SEO gurus use this process to positively affect the visibility of a web page in the unpaid results (referred to as organic, natural or earned results) in search engines. The search engine uses various parameters to determine the ranking of websites including

Domain name

Keywords and key phrases

• Relevant and rich content, updated regularly

Backlinks from authority sites

• Usage of tags such as meta, header, and title in the website

• The age of the website

• Links from the index page to the other pages of the site (used for indexing keywords not found on the main page)

• Using images along with `alt’ tags

Including a site map

The good and the bad

About a decade or so ago, stuffing a website with keywords was sufficient to push it to the top of the SERP (search engine result page). However, the webmasters of search engines were quick to detect this black hat tactic and removed sites using such methods from their index. However, this move did not stop the black hatters who, with the help of automated software, started generating thousands of inbound links to their website from dubious sites. This was known as link farming and sites using such methods ranked higher than authority sites in search results. It was not long before the spam team of search engines discovered this method and implemented algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and a few more to lower the page rankings of such sites substantially.

What about targeted advertising

No doubt, you can use PPC (pay per click) to rank your website quickly: a new website can take months or even years to rank high in the SERPs for its target key phrases and keywords when using organic SEO methods. Google’s Adwords is the global leader in this type of advertising. It has advantages too such as the

• Ability to set your budget according to your requirements

• Target specific keywords (if you sell cameras and its accessories through your site, you can target keywords like Nikon, Canon, digital cameras, tripods, camera cases, etc.)

• Provide faster results

• Target specific countries, states, or cities (if you want to promote your goods in your city, this option will place your ad at the top when someone searches for your target keywords). When searching for a specific term, you might have noticed certain results at the top of results with a yellow rectangle on its left with the word `Ad’ written on it. This indicates that the client purchased that spot through Google Adwords.

• You will not be charged unless someone clicks on the ad (hence the term PPC or `pay per click).

Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages for this method of promotion.

• Bidding wars: When you and your competitor bid for the top spot for the same keyword, it leads to a never ending bidding war.

• Pay per click: You have to deposit a certain sum with Google before going for this type of advertising. Google deducts a certain amount from your deposited amount each time someone clicks on your ad. The cost per click depends on the popularity of the keyword and can go up as high as $50 per click. Do you have such a budget.

• Fraud: Your competitor can easily exhaust your deposited sum by clicking on your ad several times. Although Google keeps a track of the IP from which the click originated, one can use IP masking software to generate different IP addresses. This means that your campaign money can be exhausted without any sales.

The risk free solution

On page checking tool from www.onpageseochecker.comWhy waste your valuable money on such advertising options when there is no guarantee that they will provide you with the results you desire when you can easily perform the task free of cost from the comfort of your home with the help of our SEO Checker? Visit www.onpageseochecker.com today and find out how quickly you can compare the optimization of your website along with that of your competitor with the help of our online tool. Our free website seo checker boasts of a simple interface, which is so simple that even a novice can use it. Do not feel worried if you hardly find any information on our seo site checker. Fill the first field with the URL of your website, the keyword on the adjoining field, and the field on the next line with the URL of your competitor’s website. Enter your name and email address in the respective fields and click on the `scan now’ button. onpageseochecker.com takes approximately a minute or so to examine both the sites… depending on their connectivity speed… and then sends you a comprehensive analysis of both sites to the email address you provided.

Golden nuggets

You should also check the valuable information provided on our site. You will find comprehensive details regarding the values of `on page optimization,’ `on page benefits,’ and much more. The frequently asked question section of our Google SEO checker has answers to most of your queries. Get in touch with our support staff in the unlikely event that you do not find a solution to your problem. We also suggest that you read our blog posts to find more information regarding methods to boost the rankings of your website. You can also post your experience of our free SEO checker to educate newcomers. Why not reveal the problems you found with your website with our online SEO checker and the steps you took to fix them to increase the SERP of your website and forge ahead of your competitors.

There has to be some strings attached

You might be wondering that there has to be some catch to it. After all, why would we provide you with a powerful SEO checker free that allows you to check on the on page SEO settings of your competitors? The reality is that we are a budding company and want to prove our capabilities to you and earn your faith with our on page SEO checker. We believe that if you are pleased with our free service, you might purchase a paid and comprehensive evaluation of your website in the future. We are providing you this service to build up our goodwill and faith with you. Although the free version of our SEO checker provides in depth results, we might lunch an advanced and paid version that will provide you with even more detailed statistics like the number of visitors to your site and the region they are located in. We might also incorporate a feature that will allow you to collect the email of your visitors to create a mailing list for promoting your services and products.

Be ready for a surprise

We suggest that you try our SEO page checker now and check the results it delivers to your inbox. Be prepared for a pleasant surprise because no other online site provides you with so much information. Here are the results that one of our testers got when using our onpage SEO checker to examine two sites promoting the same services.

• It tested the speed of both sites and pointed out that one site loaded significantly faster than the other one. Remember, most visitors hardly wait for a couple of seconds on a site. If it does not load quickly, they will navigate to some other site.

• It checked the size of both pages and found one to be abnormally longer. You do not want your visitors to keep on scrolling to find valuable information. Therefore, keep your index page so that it fits in a maximum of two screens.

• Our SEO checker Google determined that the file request time for both sites were fine. This is the time taken for the guest (your browser) to fetch a file (page, picture, etc.) from the host (server). This process is done via HTTP (hyper text transfer protocol)

• Our professional SEO checker online found that one site was not SEO friendly. This means that it needs tweaks in its coding or layout.

• It also determined that whilst the first site contained the keyword in its URL, it was not the same for the second site. You need to know that Google ranks sites that have the primary keyword in their URL. Since you are promoting cameras on your site, you should try to buy a domain that contains the term `camera’ in it. Forget about securing an exact keyword match while trying to register a domain. You can opt for something other term that contains that word. A simple example would be `theamazingcamerastore.com’

• Our SEO site checker, which we consider the best available online, also checks the URL for underscores. Remember, an URL containing an underscore is less powerful than one that does not have it. Therefore, avoid using the_amazing_camera_store.com

• Our tester had searched for a particular keyword. Our best SEO checker could not find that on the index page of both sites. However, both of them had that term on the second page.

• Our SEO checker tool, using a complex algorithm gave a score of 62/100 to one site and 59/100 to the other. This means that the first site if more search engine friendly.

• Although both sites looked similar to the human eye, our SEO optimization checker found major faults in both of them. None of them had the keyword in the `title tag.’ The results provided also hinted that the `title tag’ should begin with keyword.

• It is surprising how SEO professionals make silly mistakes. Our free online SEO checker immediately detected that the first site had a title tag of 55 characters or less, which is fine. However, this was not the case with the other one. No doubt, Google will not rank the latter higher than the former. We strongly doubt if any standard website checker SEO software has the ability to detect this mistake and highlight it.

• Finally, here is some good news for both sites, since both of them have description tags that are less than 160 characters in length. Unfortunately, one of them did not contain the exact keyword in the description tag. Remember, you should always include it in that tag, preferably at the beginning.

• Our free SEO checker online tool found out several discrepancies in both sites. All of them contained several images but quite a few such images did not have `alt’ tags. This can be due to oversight. Our free website SEO checker also suggested that the `alt’ tag of an image should contain its exact keyword.

• There were further discrepancies in the images of both sites as our free SEO website checker found out. It suggested that one should add exact keyword to an image file name and recommended removing underscores from them as well.

The ultimate SEO Checker tool

SEO CheckerNo on site SEO checker tool can beat our online SEO checker tool as far as extensive analysis is concerned. Our onsite SEO checker provides the top five words used by a site along with its H1, H2, and H3 tags. In case the site does not have these tags, our page SEO checker will provide that information. Our SEO checker free online tool also suggested adding exact keyword to the H1, H2, or H3 tag. Furthermore, our SEO checker online free checks sites for duplicate heading tags. Try our SEO checker tools instead of any other SEO checker tool free. While other SEO checker tools or a SEO checker website make feeble attempts to analyse your and your competitor’s site, none of these SEO on page checker or SEO online tester provides as much information as our SEO onpage checker. You cannot classify them as a true SEO performance checker or a SEO score checker. You can check this by trying our SEO site checker free online site, regarded by professionals as the ultimate SEO tool checker amongst other SEO tools checker.

Beat your competitor

Take advantage of our SEO site checker free today. We are confident that its SEO tool checker will outperform any other SEO tools checker. Why go for any paid SEO web checker when we offer SEO website checker free? Our site checker SEO is so powerful that you will never try any other site SEO checker online in the future. SEO Checker is a combination of lethal website SEO score checker and the Swiss knife of website SEO checker tool. The best art is that this website checker for SEO does not cost a dime. You can use our website SEO checker free forever. Our website SEO checker online tool also contains:

• URL SEO checker

• Web SEO checker

• Free SEO score checker[/read]