What’s happening with the cinemagraph?


This, the age of merging media formats, has appropriately given birth to a video-photo.

Or, rather, husband and wife fashion photographers Kevin Burke and Jamie Beck did five years ago, presenting the first cinemagraphs in the fall of 2011 at Fashion Week in New York.

Using PhotoShop and After Effects, they frame-by-frame composited a photo with a bit of movement that looks like a moment partially frozen in time, wagging some highlighted detail. Initially presented as a gif animation, it is more commonly shown today as a video file because the quality is better.

In February of last year, Facebook began promoting their use in that social network as an eye-catching alternative to video. “You’re going to start seeing a ton of these on Facebook,” an ad exec told AdWeek. Flixel has integrated its iOS mobile cinemagraph-creating app into the Facebook Ads Manager, so the moving photos can be created inside Facebook.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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